Fabulous Fiction Fridays (1/4/19)


As writers I think it’s so important that we celebrate each other’s work and support one another. For this reason, every Friday I will be sharing a piece of fiction to my blog that I particularly enjoyed from the past week. Welcome to Fabulous Fiction Fridays! 

This week I tried my hand at Microprose (you can read my effort here) and I was so surprised at some of the other pieces that I came across. It’s amazing how much detail can be put into so few words.

This week’s post features Belinda Bekkers and her piece of Microprose ‘An Introduction’

‘A firm handshake and a velvety, “Hi, I’m Tom.” Twinkling eyes, the same colour as her cubicle wall. A smile quickening her heartbeat. A realisation that trying to avoid falling in love with him was going to be futile.’

It’s a real skill to be able to convey a story like this in so few words. I feel like I know so much about ‘Tom’ already and how the female character [she/her] feels about him. Manly, smooth, familiar. She clearly finds this combination irresistible after going through her internal checklist.

Just a flash of that smile is enough for a sudden rush of adrenaline. It’s interesting how she falls for Tom after such a short amount of time, seeing beyond that initial lust and deciding that it’s futile to even try not to love him. What a hopeless romantic! To give so much depth to a character’s personality traits through actions alone and so little description is really impressive.

I think the act of scanning a stranger when we first meet them to gauge how attractive they are is something that we all do, intentionally or not, and this piece captures that perfectly in an instant. 

The concept here isn’t revolutionary, it’s something that we’ve all experienced but this time it has been taken to a whole new level. A masterclass in taking a simple idea with so few words to work with and making it into something truly beautiful to read! 

Great job, Belinda. 

You can find the original post here, and please do check out Belinda’s blog in its entirety here. Show her some love! ❤ 

Q: Would you like to see more of these posts, supporting fellow writers? 

If you would like to see more of my work, feel free to check out my latest piece of flash fiction: Vanity in Peach.

And remember, this coming Wednesday will mark the start of my ‘Weekly Wisdom’ series, where I will once again encourage good vibes only. Featuring inspirational quotes and ideas to keep your brain in check, join me on a journey of self-love and mindfulness!

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