A “Happy” New Year?

New Years

MorgueFile Fidler Jan New Year’s

New Years Eve, 11:59pm

A city is silent, waiting for the clock to strike midnight. A moment of reflection for time gone by, remembering achievements and recalling regrets, grieving for those who are no longer with them but holding close those who are. They hold them close, friends taking hands and lovers caressing cheeks. It’s almost time.

Hope for the future follows as the countdown begins. 10-9-8-7 Crowds chant in unison, bright eyes fixed on the blank canvas before them. 6-5-4-3 Children jump in excitement at being up past their bedtime, faces tired and glazed. 2 An elderly couple sit at home by the fire and embrace, celebrating another year together. And 1 person sits abandoned in the dark, feeling more alone than any other night of the year.

Happy New Year!”

The sky erupts into bursts of colour and blasting bangs, greeted by sounds of amazement by a satisfied audience. As pets in homes succumb to fear, owners turn up their radios in an attempt to sooth them. The lone stranger on the next street questions the value of their life with nobody to turn to. Cold, alone, and hopeless.

Whilst some thrive in the color, others are suffering in the darkness.

Composed using a writing prompt provided by Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner.

Constructive criticism welcome.

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