Weekly Wisdom (1/9/19)


Welcome to my very first post in the Weekly Wisdom series!

What’s it all about? Well, we’re mid-way through the week and just about to go over that hump. Sometimes we all need a little help and wisdom to carry us through to the weekend. Work, chores, family life – we all have responsibilities during the week that sometimes we just need to take a break from. This is our opportunity to do that.

So grab a coffee (of course) or perhaps a herbal tea, and take five minutes out to read…

Quote of the Week:

Since this is a writing blog, I’ll try to make the quotes relevant and inspirational. Today’s comes from author, Margaret Atwood.

Such an inspiring quote for those times when writing something is more important than writing 'the' thing. #writing #quotes #writers #creativewriting #blog #blogging

– Margaret Atwood

It’s important to remember as writers that there is no such thing as true perfection. We all have our own subjective idea of what perfection is, but there’s no one true definition. It’s so easy to put pressure on ourselves to get perfection, to write the perfect piece. I hate to break it to you, but that’s never gonna happen. The best we can do is write. Writing is better than not writing, right?

So next time that you feel that your work is imperfect and you’re close to shutting down that latest project, remember that the word ‘perfect’ itself is a work of fiction.

Goal of the Week:

It’s no secret that exercise is the friend of both mind and body. It’s easy to stop taking care of yourself when you have deadlines to meet and precious words to write. This week, I want you to go out and join me for a short mindful walk.


You may be thinking: Well, I do this everyday, so what? The difference is, I want you to do this in a way that is mindful. You are not doing this just for your body, but for your mind.

Use all of your senses, be there in the moment, put all your thoughts to one side. If you can, find a secluded place where you can connect with nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

I’m not advising that you climb a mountain or become an athlete, just ten minutes is enough to reset and relax. It really will help your creativity flow when you next come to write!

Personally, I try to do this every day (and mostly fail…) but it’s a great practice to adhere to when you need a moment to yourself. Don’t forget the positive benefits on your body, also!

Q: What’s the one thing that you’re going to do for yourself, today?

Leave me a comment, and let me know if you do go for that short walk.

R.J. x



Photo by Jim Abbring on Unsplash

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