A Distant Land


Photo: Fandango

Towering skyscrapers and an expansive bridge, my view of ‘The City’ as its simply known by our kind is magnificent. Indeed, I have the best outlook in the entire ocean.

Day after day I sit and watch as the boats of its’ inhabitants invade our waters come sunrise. A number of vessels pass me by during the day, I wave as they go, but little response is given. I bow my head with sadness until the next guests come by my home.

Many curious items wash up during the day, although I am at a loss as to what they are. The dolphins once informed me of something called plastic, perhaps this is the mysterious creature itself.

It gets lonely out here, out on the rocks, exposed to mother nature’s violence – crashing waves and whipping winds. Especially at night, when all is quiet, but this is when The City is at its most beautiful.

A display of lights, slowly growing after sunset. The show fades as the day begins once more, restoring my optimum view of man’s civilisation.

The City is the sculpture that I’ve been blessed to view and I wouldn’t change that for the world, not any world.

This piece was produced using a writing prompt from Sunday Photo Fiction.

Constructive criticism is always welcome, thank you for reading!

R.J. x

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