Walking Through Lod

As I walk through the old city of Lod, in Israel, row after row of tall beige buildings pass me by. Lifeless, dull, stacked like Lego bricks. Washing lines hang from some of the open windows, clothes attached, drying in the sun.

A man exits a block of flats as a tin-can car goes past and toots its horn. This sequence of events repeats as I continue to wander. Even the City Hall is indistinguishable from the other beige buildings, a little grander, perhaps.

My thoughts turn towards the city’s history, the Biblical city. It’s difficult to imagine that this is the same place, once packed with culture and history. Perhaps it still is, but today it’s much less visible to an uneducated tourist’s eye.

I pass numerous waste containers on my travels, a luminous green colour, filled to the brim with discarded belongings.

I pause outside a corner shop.

Created from a writing prompt, kindly provided by What Pegman Saw.

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