Walking in the Woods

The Gentleman faltered, his feet kicking out at the roots of a rather large oak tree. A struggle, a stumble, a fall. He lay there on the ground for several moments attempting to catch his breath, his pristine suit now speckled with dirt.

‘What am I doing here, in this forest? -‘ he thought, trying to recall what lead to this moment. He had no answer, only a blank mind whirring with confusion.

Pulling himself up from the floor, he brushed at his attire with the palm of his hand, flicking unknown bugs off into the distance with a squeal. He continued through the woods for a while, ducking low branches and coming to a standstill whenever he heard the sound of a ‘mysterious’ creature.

Of course, in reality these noises were birds taking flight or foxes rummaging through bushes but these were not recognised by the ears of the suited and booted Gentleman.

After a few minutes, the Gentleman spotted a figure in the distance. Almost luminous – glowing. He felt drawn towards it, the path in front of him blurring, focusing solely on the figure.


Why, it was a woman, with her back turned! The Gentleman remained enthralled, continuing towards the lady. His transfixed eyes began to examine her. Blonde – dirty blonde – hair, olive skin, slender figure, moles and beauty marks peppering her skin.

‘H-Hello’ he called out in a whisper, but no response was given.

‘Hello, excuse me?’ said the Gentleman, slightly louder.

He paused in front of the figure and held out his left hand, reaching out. His palm rested in-between her shoulder blades, her skin as soft as silk, smooth like butter. The Gentleman’s heart began to beat faster, his breath getting heavier with each exhale.

‘You shouldn’t touch what isn’t yours…’ the woman spoke, at last. Her voice was steady and relaxed, with a somewhat comforting tone to it.

The Gentleman removed his hand at once, pulling it back to his side. He apologised in a number of different manners, flustered, before silence resumed.

Both parties stood still for some time.

The Gentleman was as still as a statue, as stone. His eyes were held on her body, examining the many moles and markings on her skin. He had never seen such a display, the Gentleman felt as if he were viewing a constellation in the night sky, her body shimmering like starlight.

Then, out of nowhere, music flowed into his ears. a low hum at first, before the most beautiful voice rang out. Like a chorus of birds at dawn, an other-worldly song.

The Gentleman could stay in this moment forever, his senses optimally stimulated.

If only she would let him touch.

He reached out once more, just one finger placed on a beauty spot.

‘DON’T!’ – This time her voice louder and more determined, the earth beneath trembled and the Gentleman staggered.

‘I’m sorry, I do apologise, I don’t know what came over me -‘ he continued for some time, much like last time, to the annoyance of the mysterious lady.

To her delight, at last he fell silent. But not for long.

‘At least tell me your name!’ he pleaded.

‘You do- D-Do you have a name?’ the Gentleman asked tentatively.

Silence endured once more.

‘Yes,’ she turned her body towards him and smiled ‘indeed I do’.

It was her. She brought him here, and for only one reason.

The suited and booted Gentleman was never to be seen again.

Photo by Hanna Postova on Unsplash

Hanna Postova

4 thoughts on “Walking in the Woods

  1. Kirsten Britt Baltz says:

    This is delightfully strange. I really enjoyed how you have engaged all of the sense in this piece. I was a little lost at the end. I’m sure that the “Gentleman” is dead, but I’m not sure what the woman is.

    Liked by 1 person

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