Paper Roses | Introducing

Many of those who write will know how difficult it is to take on the momentous task of putting together a novel or short story. So many ideas, so many outlines, so much time spent alone putting pen to paper. Well, not anymore.

Through this project I want to share my best pantsing with you, as I share installments of a short story and write as you read each chapter. Sounds like madness, right? I want YOU to have a voice in how I write this story, to ride the emotions with me, and discover what happens next – because I don’t know either.

I have a basic premise. A basic plot. And a group of basic (but pretty awesome) characters. Other than that? Well, we’re in this together! How about we get going?



Paper Roses follows the story of Georgina. She’s dead. She’s lovely – but still dead. Found stone cold at the bottom of an outdoor pool in a wedding dress, Georgina’s spirit is determined to trace her steps back to that perilous moment with the help of an unsuspecting stranger…

Chapter One drops #ontheblog TOMORROW ;  2nd July 2019

Following that, come back every MONDAY as the story continues.

2 thoughts on “Paper Roses | Introducing

  1. mermaidinthesejeans says:

    This is such a brilliant idea! I was planning to do something similar – I was thinking of a weekly update on how my novel is going, but to actually post up chapters…that’s a thought. I need to feel a bit braver yet I think! Can’t wait to read Paper Roses though x

    Liked by 1 person

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