A Distant Land

Towering skyscrapers and an expansive bridge, my view of 'The City' as its simply known by our kind is magnificent. Indeed, I have the best outlook in the entire ocean. Day after day I sit and watch as the boats of its' inhabitants invade our waters come sunrise. A number of vessels pass me by... Continue Reading →

Coffee Break Sundays 1/13/19

1/13/19                  COFFEE BREAK SUNDAY Another week has passed, and it sure went quicker than the last! I'm back into the swing of things after the New Year festivities but I haven't been nearly as productive as I'd liked to have been. Thanks for joining me for another... Continue Reading →

When We Were Young

I still remember that day. The day when I lost him. Jamie and I would stay with our Aunt Isabelle every other weekend, we would watch old movies together whilst eating her famous sugar cookies. He would always have one too many, the greedy pig. Isabelle used to warn him about the 'tummy tickles' but... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Fiction Fridays (1/11/19)

Welcome back to the next post in the Fabulous Fiction Fridays series! Last week we saw how so much can be achieved in so few words through the art of Microprose, and we'll be going down that road again for today's post. I believe that it's so important that we support and share each other's... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wisdom (1/9/19)

Welcome to my very first post in the Weekly Wisdom series! What's it all about? Well, we're mid-way through the week and just about to go over that hump. Sometimes we all need a little help and wisdom to carry us through to the weekend. Work, chores, family life - we all have responsibilities during... Continue Reading →

Mirror, Mirror

Kenneth James was an ordinary man with an extraordinary ego. He had achieved many things in his seventy-two years of life. As he stood in the master bedroom of his estate, fire roaring and silk curtains blowing with the assistance of the violent wind, he recalled some of his life's greatest moments. He began with... Continue Reading →

Coffee Break Sundays (1/6/19)

  Welcome to a brand new feature on my blog! I'm a huge fan of coffee, and will take any opportunity to grab myself a cup. So, with that in mind, every Sunday I plan to recap my week in the writing world and let you know what exciting events (sleeping.. walking.. eating.. sleeping) have been... Continue Reading →

A “Happy” New Year?

New Years Eve, 11:59pm A city is silent, waiting for the clock to strike midnight. A moment of reflection for time gone by, remembering achievements and recalling regrets, grieving for those who are no longer with them but holding close those who are. They hold them close, friends taking hands and lovers caressing cheeks. It's... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Fiction Fridays (1/4/19)

As writers I think it's so important that we celebrate each other's work and support one another. For this reason, every Friday I will be sharing a piece of fiction to my blog that I particularly enjoyed from the past week. Welcome to Fabulous Fiction Fridays! This week I tried my hand at Microprose (you can... Continue Reading →

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