A “Happy” New Year?

New Years Eve, 11:59pm A city is silent, waiting for the clock to strike midnight. A moment of reflection for time gone by, remembering achievements and recalling regrets, grieving for those who are no longer with them but holding close those who are. They hold them close, friends taking hands and lovers caressing cheeks. It's... Continue Reading →

Vanity in Peach

My pale skin glimmers in the artificial light of the dressing room, mimicking the ivory tone of my vanity table. "Is this what beauty looks like?" I ask aloud, knowing perfectly well that no answer would be given. I was alone, my bare feet cold against the hardwood floors, but still beautiful. I gaze into... Continue Reading →

A Child is Born

“With new life comes joy, love, and happiness.” Mother always told me, so why do I feel like this? Confused, exhausted, out of control. Where is the sense of adoration that I was promised? Dead eyes and empty smiles.

The Gift of Life

It all started with the clicking of dirty-red stilettos as their unique diction cut through the whistling of the violent wind. Dustbins fell to the floor with a clatter. Vehicles came to a standstill with a scream as green became red. The owner and indeed inhabitant of the stilettos maintained her swagger in the gale,... Continue Reading →

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