Fake Fur & False Confidence

'Take it!' a woman spits her words at me with aggression, throwing an item in my direction. I smile a well rehearsed pretend smile as her long fur coat now lay upon my slender arm. I laugh internally as she struts away with false confidence. Yet another Z-List celebrity, new on the block, swishing around... Continue Reading →

Into Darkness

What if I/you/we were to fall? Your own self, or someone you love? It happens. Into darkness, the unknown, with no way back. 'The lights will go out!' they say, bulbs shatter. Then, like a spring breaking under pressure, it all ends. Júnior Ferreira Photo by Júnior Ferreira on Unsplash

Meet My Fiancée…

This evening was much like any other. I sat yawning at the dining table as Mother and my perfect little sister, Libby, discussed the wedding. I stress that this is definitely the wedding, and not just a wedding. Oh no, Mother has gone out of her way to ensure that this is the social occasion... Continue Reading →

Mirror, Mirror

Kenneth James was an ordinary man with an extraordinary ego. He had achieved many things in his seventy-two years of life. As he stood in the master bedroom of his estate, fire roaring and silk curtains blowing with the assistance of the violent wind, he recalled some of his life's greatest moments. He began with... Continue Reading →

A Child is Born

“With new life comes joy, love, and happiness.” Mother always told me, so why do I feel like this? Confused, exhausted, out of control. Where is the sense of adoration that I was promised? Dead eyes and empty smiles.

The Gift of Life

It all started with the clicking of dirty-red stilettos as their unique diction cut through the whistling of the violent wind. Dustbins fell to the floor with a clatter. Vehicles came to a standstill with a scream as green became red. The owner and indeed inhabitant of the stilettos maintained her swagger in the gale,... Continue Reading →

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